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Roger Espinoza: News

"Colors of the World" - January 26, 2017

New CD now available, send me an email if interested.

I am very happy with my new CD!

Enjoy the snippets!

Endorsements - February 6, 2012

Mr. Espinoza has been asked to be Endorsed by many fine reputable companies in the Industry,

It's with great pleasure and an honor to represent these companies!

Fifty100 site - July 26, 2010

I am happy to announce that I am ranked at one of the top 10 artist for this music site!!! This journey has been very exciting for me, so in return I give back the beauty of my music!!

Radio airplay sends "Ava" into the airwaves... - July 2, 2009

90.1 FM aired "Ava" from my c.d. "Masks" and it received some great feedback!!!

Musico Pro Magazine - March 27, 2009

Musico Pro Magazine, is one of the most sought after, and circulated Latin Magazines around the globe today. From interviews of major Latin artist's to the discovery of new talent! The magazine entails interviews, sound equipment, guitar brands, and music news. It's a music magazine not just for musicians, but for whomever wants to know a little bit more about their favorite artist or a novice wanting to know the different brands of equipment.

In the April issue, there is a segment called, "Estrella Independiente" "Independent Star", where an up and coming artist is chosen, and gets interviewed. The artist is asked a series of questions and in answering, the reader gets to know a little bit more about the artist. The interview for April was on me!! It promotes my new c.d. "MASKS" and also gives a glimpse of my musical journeys and career in the music business! "Mr. Espinoza is a class act, first hand, he represents the Industry, with Professionalism, and Virtue!

**in the photo gallery, you can see the actual page of my interview, or the magazine can be purchased at any music store**

Masks & Cafe Fuego go digital!! - March 22, 2009

All of my compositions, have gone Digital, as well as having my own Roger Espinoza radio station on IHEART, PANDORA, SPOTIFY. My music has been in the top 100 of Latin Billboard best World C.D.'s, "Cafe Fuego" my first release, also was entered for a Grammy.

Amazing Work!! - March 22, 2009

Most recently, Mr. Espinoza has been composing for film and theatre. He has just finished a recording session for Instinct Productions a movie based co. that releases big screen movies. The original composition plus 4 other tunes from his first CD will be heard on David Murphys "BORDERLOST". Director David Murphy has called on him again to compose songs for his new movie "NO BAD DAYS".
David Murphy quote, "Espinoza is definitely in a class by himself, his mastery of the guitar playing is a talent I've never heard or seen before"!!!

New C.D. Available now!! - March 21, 2009

Espinoza's new c.d. "MASKS" Is now available, as well as Cafe Fuego. Available at Amazon, C.D. baby, itunes, and all internet music stores.
**If you would like to purchase "Cafe Fuego", or "Masks" please send me an email and I will give you the address where you can send a check or money order. please indicate which c.d. or c.d.'s you would like and quantity of each**

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