Musico Pro Magazine

Musico Pro Magazine, is one of the most sought after, and circulated Latin Magazines around the globe today. From interviews of major Latin artist's to the discovery of new talent! The magazine entails interviews, sound equipment, guitar brands, and music news. It's a music magazine not just for musicians, but for whomever wants to know a little bit more about their favorite artist or a novice wanting to know the different brands of equipment. In the April issue, there is a segment called, "Estrella Independiente" "Independent Star", where an up and coming artist is chosen, and gets interviewed. The artist is asked a series of questions and in answering, the reader gets to know a little bit more about the artist. The interview for April was on me!! It promotes my new c.d. "MASKS" and also gives a glimpse of my musical journeys and career in the music business! "Mr. Espinoza is a class act, first hand, he represents the Industry, with Professionalism, and Virtue! **in the photo gallery, you can see the actual page of my interview, or the magazine can be purchased at any music store**