Ever since the Gypsy Kings released their self-entitled album in 1989, they changed the global musical landscape with their pop-oriented version of traditional flamenco music called Rumba Catalana. A lively mix of gypsy rhythms, salsa and rumba that many musicians have tried to emulate but have failed to advance the genre to new horizons. The unlikely city of Los Angeles, has produced a guitarist-composer-arranger that has been able to take the Rumba guitar stylings and rhythms to new fresh territories that reflect the urban/global mix of Southern California. Nicaraguan born Roger Espinoza is a product of American music and a faithful student of the traditional music of the gypsies. A guitar virtuoso who has studied with the legendary Jorge Strunz of the ever so popular guitar duo Strunz and Farah, and Flamenco Maestro Paco Arroyo. Mr. Espinoza studied the "Latin Rhumba" and "Gypsy Rhumba" as well as therhythms from Latin America and the Middle East. He was perfecting and experimenting with the rhythm style of his idols the Gypsy Kings and making it his own.