Ever since the Gypsy Kings released their self-entitled album in 1989, they changed the global musical landscape with their pop-oriented version of traditional flamenco music called Rumba Catalana. A lively mix of gypsy rhythms, salsa and rumba that many musicians have tried to emulate but have failed to advance the genre to new horizons. The unlikely city of Los Angeles, has produced a guitarist-composer-arranger that has been able to take the Rumba guitar stylings and rhythms to new fresh territories that reflect the urban/global mix of Southern California. Nicaraguan born Roger Espinoza is a product of American music and a faithful student of the traditional music of the gypsies. A guitar virtuoso who has studied with the legendary Jorge Strunz of the ever so popular guitar duo Strunz and Farah, and Flamenco Maestro Paco Arroyo. Mr. Espinoza studied the "Latin Rhumba" and "Gypsy Rhumba" as well as therhythms from Latin America and the Middle East. He was perfecting and experimenting with the rhythm style of his idols the Gypsy Kings and making it his own. Mr. Espinoza has studied at the Berklee School of Music, Theory in Music. With the release of his debut, Cafe Fuego, Roger Espinoza was poised to make his mark. Cut number ten, Goodbye (Pops)”, an homage dedicated to his father who was a pianist and his musical inspiration. The release of Café Fuego was an impressive debut that caught the critics attention. World C.D. Reviewer _Joe Hartlaub said, “Espinoza's playing is exquisite throughout”. CD Dish Reviewer _Michael Allison said, “Café Fuego is definitely one extraordinary album that captured my ear”. In 2003, Mr. Espinoza composed the opening song to Herbert Siguenza’s theatrical tribute to Mexican comic, “CANTINFLAS”. As well as the Late George Carlin last comic standup music opening for his "Life is Worth Losing" Mr. Espinoza and his band are a very popular live musical act and are in constant demand, traveling throughout the United States, he has made an imprint in the music industry! He has just finished his second CD, “Cafe Santa Fe” which is by far a very impressive c.d. and NEW WORLD MUSIC has picked him up again! Espinoza's compositions on "Masks" are his best yet! His third C.D. 'Colors of the World, is Espinoza's most creative writings yet, as he explores the land of the Middle East and takes his new compositions to yet another level, playing not only the Flamenco guitar, but also playing keyboards, bass, percussion, and the Cuban guitar called the TRES, and the Middle East instrument the "OUD" Exploring the four corners of the world, Espinoza has taken each tune with precision and amazing guitar work rhythmically! Two of the ten tracks on "Cafe Santa Fe" are dedicated to his daughters Alexa, and Ava, who have both studied Classical Piano, Flamenco Baile,(Dance), and Opera singing in two other languages! Both of these songs represent the personalities of his girls, happy, uplifting , sincere, and full of life!!! Mr. Espinoza, also, has recorded a Xmas C.D. entitled "The Twelve Strings of Christmas" with good friends Joe Calderon, and claimed producer Guillermo Guzman. Espinoza will begin working on his fifth CD very soon and will work with some of the most talented musicians in Los Angeles. Mr. Espinoza has been endorsed by many music companies, Shubb Capos, La Bella Strings, Godin guitars Rivera Amps, and most recently guitars! In return for the endorsements, Mr. Espinoza. has done many clinics talking to under privileged kids, on how to obtain a guitar for a lot less then sold by many music center shops, for full retail price with these kids who can't afford a guitar. He also does videos for the companies, to promote the product he uses on the road! Roger Espinoza is the new voice of Flamenco fusion and has taken the baton of The Gypsy Kings and is bringing his unique and exciting style to new audiences and refined ears who are looking for new musical directions. Mr. Espinoza provides and satisfies all listeners with a new fresh accessible sound that will push the boundaries of Flamenco guitar. Roger has had the pleasure to perform and work with many big name artists, charities, organizations, and fundraisers, donating his time to Senior Citizen Homes. Political work is also a big part of his life, performing for many high profile political figures. His works include T.V. Film, Radio, International Radio, and T.V. Film, etc. His latest works, writing a comprehensive guitar book, "Strings Attached" and recording another Christmas C.D. featuring his daughters singing on it, and his Fifth C.D. " Four Winds" Roger also teaches guitar, and will be pursuing his Masters soon to teach at the HighSchool/College level. -HERBERT SIGUENZA, President of the Los Angeles Pueblo Commission. Los Angeles. January 20th, 2009- present.