Mr. Espinoza, has engaged in writing a Comprehensive Guitar Book, he quotes... I am very excited to write a book, on how to for Guitar, which i have had on the back burner for a while. I can't wait for it's release! Roger


Mr. Espinoza, has been signed with NEW WORLD MUSIC UK, Since 2004, and has been touring throughout the United States promoting his C.D.'s his works, include arrangements for T.V., Film, Commercials, Radio, International Radio, and Film! Mr. Espinoza continues to give back and promote new music for any entity wanting to use him for his original compositions "Mr. Espinoza, is a great pleasure to work with, and has set the boundaries first hand for anyone wanting to work with him, he is responsible, and…

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Work, Work, Work...... 

Roger Espinoza is one of the music industry's sought after musician, he is a very accomplished guitarist, who has done session work with many of the industry's big names! His compositions come from his world travels, to his life's day to day experiences! He has an illustrious career, receiving many awards, to donating his time for many charitable charities. His awards, include (see below). His talent has landed him to perform and record with multi-platinum, Multi-Grammy award artists, in addition to…

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The President of the United States 

Mr. Espinoza, was called to perform for President Barack Obama..... He says, "It was a great honor to have performed for the President of the United States, Barack Obama. It is, to say the least, with great honor to be part of this historic event!"

The Twelve Strings of Christmas CD 

Roger Espinoza has released his Christmas CD which is on sale, at any music website, or at WWW.ROGERESPINOZA.COM music site, I have had the pleasure of working with Joe Calderon, and Guillermo Guzman on this CD, TWO FANTASTIC MUSICIANS! You can send me a message email, if you would like to purchase a copy directly from me, as well as any of my other C.D.'s "Cafe Fuego" "Cafe Santa Fe" "Colors of the World" "The Twelve Strings of Christmas"

Tournament of Roses Parade Post Parade Event 

Roger Espinoza, has been part of The Tournament of Rose Parade committee, performing for the Float after viewing, and entertaining all the spectators who come and witness this great event, for the last 2 years!